Christopher Kingman

Enablement Professional, Executive Coach and Advisor, Entrepreneur & Millennial trailblazer. 


Chris Kingman

Chris Kingman is an Enablement and Coaching trailblazer and leading the charge for change in today’s corporations. 

Chris appears with many industry leaders on Forbes Business Development Council, Sales Enablement TV and Sales is King Podcast (click here, here & here to learn more) 

Chris started his career early on with a tech-start up in Boca Raton, FL. Quickly establishing himself, he began building out functions and disciplines within enablement. From customer and internal sales training, support and sales QA functions he has already established himself as a veteran practitioner in an emerging space. His current focus is on developing leaders at all levels, but mainly focuses on young founders and CEO’s working to craft the skills needed to lead the workforce of tomorrow. Chris’s varied and deep career experience has lead him to be an expert at Enablement, Sales, Process and Technology, it’s at the intersection of all these where he truly thrives. 

His upcoming project is Dirty Work Podcast with former WWE Diva Celeste Bonin is launching soon where he discusses the benefits of coaching and mentoring 

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